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Dress Code At The Golf Course, Practice Facilities & Clubhouse

As you know, the Club has made substantial investment in the past few years to upgrade and improve your Golf Club facilities and it is your interest to look after the investment and your membership's debenture value. In order to ensure your Club is one of the best in the Region and the envy of clubs throughout Asia, we need the concerted efforts, continued interest and participation of all our members.

On the Golf Course (including Practice facilities), and the Clubhouse, I would like to once again ask all our members for your support in a simple but important etiquette which is the need for proper DRESS CODE  to be observed at all times.

Like any private club in Hong Kong, the Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club has its own Dress Code requirements to reflect its current proud status. Here are our basic Dress Code requirements for the golf section as laid down by the Golf Committee:

Dress Code Requirements

While on Golf Club premises, all members and their guests must maintain a reasonably conservative standard of dress at all times, and dress in proper golf attire while on the course. A member and his/her guest should dress in a manner that is inoffensive to others.

No Denim Jeans

DENIM JEANS are definitely NOT permitted regardless of label, style or color.

Dress Code for Men

T-shirts (collarless shirts or vests), sleeveless shirts and tracksuits are NOT permitted. Gentlemen must wear collared shirts with sleeves, mock-neck shirts with sleeves and the shirts must be tucked into trousers at all times. Athletic & exercise shorts, Bermuda shorts, leotards and shorts more than 4" above knees are NOT permitted. New-style men's mid-calf length shorts/trousers are NOT permitted. New-style men's combat shorts with side pockets are NOT permitted. Gentlemen may wear tailored trousers and shorts. The acceptable length for golf shorts are just above the knees.

Dress Code for Ladies

Ladies may wear sleeveless blouses provided that they are conservative and tasteful and of a type commonly considered standard golf attire. Tracksuits and vests are NOT permitted. Long and short pants as well as skirts/capris are allowed. Shorts/skirts more than 4" above knees, athletic and exercise shorts and leotards are NOT permitted.


Suitable footwear must be worn in the Golf Clubhouse at all times. Sandals and flipflops are NOT permitted for MEN and flip-flops are NOT allowed for LADIES. Only proper golf shoes with soft spikes is permitted at the course. Footwear or clothing may NOT be changed in any room other than the changing rooms.

Caps, hats or visors are recommended to be removed whilst in the Horizons Restaurant

Dress Code Enforcement from 1 December 08 & Penalty

If improperly dressed, members and their guests will be respectfully asked to change into proper attire. If failure to comply with proper dress code, the member or guest may be asked to leave the Golf Club premises. A repeated offence of a similar nature and incident will result in disciplinary action as set down by the Golf Committee. To save embarrassment, members are requested to follow the Dress Code at all times.

In closing, I thank you for your continued interest and support of The Clearwater Bay and as a caring member of this Club, your understanding of the importance of the dress code issue.


X CWB Sport All Day 2018