The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club

Mon, 24 June, 2024
  31.7 °C

Vision & Mission


The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club has a definite aim; to be one of the top 500 clubs in the world. Between 2004 and 2006, the Club continues to undergo a range of renovations and upgrades both on golf courses and in its clubhouses.

We engaged the resources of a professional golf course designer and redesigned our 24 holes to improve on playability, consistency, and general appearance. We introduced a reverse osmosis plant take in seawater, desalinate it and use it to irrigate the lands. With all these changes taken place, the Club is one step closer to its mission of “To be the Best Club in the region”.


Our club mission is “To provide premier Golf, Yachting, Recreation and Dining services in a friendly manner that exceeds the expectations of members, guests and visitors always.” With all the changes taken place, the Club is fast approaching an exciting new chapter in its history. The reason for all the changes is simple: to enhance the experiences of our members, and to generate interest and excitement for their friends, business associates, and other golfers from around the world – indeed anyone who comes into contact with Clearwater Bay.

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