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Club Accolades

The Club has taken many measures to pursue our mission of to provide premier Golf, Yachting, Recreation and Dining services in a friendly manner that exceeds the expectations of members, guests and visitors always.


Asian Golf Monthly
Best Golf Course in Hong Kong 2002
Best 24 Holes Across Asia 2003
Golf Digest
China 18 Signature Holes - Hole 14 2003
The Best Services Golf Club 2003
Best Culinary Golf Club 2005
China 18 Signature Holes - Hole 3 2005
The Best Golf Award 2006-2007
George Peper & the Editors of Golf Magazine
500 Best Holes in the World 2003
Hong Kong Tennis Association
Best Hospitality Club 2004
The Yacht Harbour Association
Five Gold Anchors Award Since 2007
Magnum Opus 2008
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2006/2007
The Rolex World’s Top Golf Courses
Top 1,000 Golf Courses 2010
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Caring Company 2004-2009
Caring Company 5 Years+ 2010-2013
Caring Compay 10 Years+ Since 2014
WWF Hong Kong
Panda Award 2005
Diamond Membership 2010
Gold Membership 2011
Pearl Membership 2012
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Wastewi$e Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence - Class of Good 2009-September 2010
Wastewi$e Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence - Class of Excellence Since October 2010
Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business
Partner Employer Award 2013 - 2015



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