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Career Guiding Principles


The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, spread over 300 acres, with 250 staff members, is one of the most comprehensive private clubs in Asia and with top recreation & dining facilities, operated by dedicated professionals. It is our Club commitment to provide quality training programmes for staff. We hire for attitude and train for skills.

A training culture has been developed within the Club, being highly supported by the Management and the Committee Board. We offer a wide range of training programmes which include:

  • Induction Programme
  • New colleagues Development Programme
  • Service Excellence Training
  • Supervisory Development Programme
  • Managerial Skills Workshop
  • Health & Safety Programme
  • Language Training

The Club spreads over 300 acres and with extensive outdoor area. It is important that the Club imposes very strict safety measures to ensure all staff work under a safe & hygienic environment. A Health and Safety Group has been set up to enforce major health and safety checks:

  • Health & Safety Awareness Training to New Colleagues
  • Regular Risk Assessment
  • Undertaking of Health & Safety Ordinances

The Club also invited the Occupational Safety & Health Council (OSHC) to conduct an independent safety audit to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of the Club's Safety Management System. The OSHC has positively commented that the Club management is committed to ensuring the occupational safety and health of employees is in line with the legislative requirements; where issues have arisen, the Club has taken steps to effectively resolve safety and health problems, and communicate safety information properly.

Apart from safety, the Club also invited an independent hygiene consulting company to conduct surprise audits at all our restaurants, and was awarded the Hygiene Conscious Establishment Certificate.

If you share the same vision, the Clearwater Bay family welcomes you !

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