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Community Outreach Programme

With our generous resources and influential membership base, The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club has continuously shown the initiative to care for those with fewer advantages in life. Since 2003, we have been fully committed to our Community Outreach Programme, which aims to contribute to the society in three main ways: strengthening neighbourhood ties, preserving the environment and upholding family values.

We work closely with our charity partners to achieve our aims, organising fun and creative fund-raising events that are embraced with great enthusiasm by our members. Our network of charity partners extends increasingly each year, covering a wide range of causes that have helped people from different walks of life. We only expect the list to grow even more this year, enabling us to take a closer step towards a better, brighter future.

As Dr Jack Wong, Membership Committee Chairman, says: "The reason why I think the Community Outreach Programme is essential for Clearwater Bay, is because I think it's the duty of privileged members of the community like us to help underprivileged ones. I think we can set a good example for our youngsters and teach them that they should contribute, that they can help, and show them how to help."

It's a sentiment that can make the world a better place for everyone.

For more details on the past events, please click here.

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