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Course Details and Playability - Ocean Nine
Hole 1

We hope you have been to the driving range before heading to this demanding 230 yards par 3 opening hole, as there is no let up from the word go! This down hill par 3 has a hazard down the right that snakes around the back of the green and two bunkers guarding the left side of the green. Your ideal line of play is to aim at the middle mound at the back of the green.

Hole 2

The ideal line here is the middle left of the fairway, which keeps you away from the three fairway bunkers of the tee. If you happen to catch the drive you may have a chance of getting up with your second shot, but you'll be bringing into play the two fairway bunkers guarding the approach. Your aim for the shot is at the pergola on the distant hill with a long iron. Your third shot leaves you with a downhill shot with three bunkers guarding the front and right side of the green. The shot plays a little short of the yardage with more room left of the green.
Hole 3

You have now reached one of the most picturesque and demanding holes in Asia. With rocks and water looking at you all down the right side, you will have to carry your ball over 180 yards and over two fairway bunkers guarding the right side to safely reach the fairway. The bunker on the left side is only in play when the hole is down wind. Ideal line is the left centre of the fairway. Second club selection is crucial as the wind plays a big part with a bunker short that will take any miss-hit shots and with the ocean surrounding the green.  
Hole 4
Another demanding par 3 that requires thought from the tee with club selection. Left side of the green is the bail out area, while any shots right will find the ocean or one of the two bunkers. The three-tier green will influence which club is chosen.
Hole 5

This is an uphill par 5 which, for the longer hitters, will need to stay clear of the fairway bunker on the left side of the fairway, while a water hazard runs all down the right side of the hole. You will be left with a blind second shot: aim for the clubhouse as a guideline. For the third shot you are left with an uphill shot with a bunker short left and two bunkers short right. Make sure you check where the flag is on the green.
Hole 6    
The third par 3 of the nine is a strong hole that plays uphill and is 200 plus yards. Any shot short will come back down off the false front of the green. An errant shot left or right will be taken by bunkers guarding the green. Flag placement will influence club selection.
Hole 7
Here, depending on the wind, a big hitter can go for the green though for the normal hitter will need to position the ball to the right side of the fairway with a long iron or wood that will keep clear of the water left and the bunker. This leaves you a short iron that has three bunkers guarding the green that slopes from back to front.
Hole 8
This is a dogleg left hole that needs thought from the tee. Ideal line is to aim for the bunker on the hill with a draw. There is a ball out area to the right that will leave a longer club in. The second shot is hard to judge as it plays slightly uphill and toward the horizon which makes it difficult to see. Again, check the flag placement to ensure the right club selection. The green is guarded with a bunker left and right.
Hole 9

Tee shots need to be well placed here to avoid the four fairway bunkers that are looking straight at you. A long iron or wood will leave you with a short iron to another big green that has a false front that will stop any ball that is short. Again, club selection is crucial with yet another uphill approach. 


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