The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club

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Reciprocal Members

General Rules & Booking Information

These general rules and booking information may be amended from time to time by the Golf Committee. In such case, notice will be given.

Advance Booking

Golf Booking Office is open at the following Hong Kong times:

Monday to Friday           9:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday                             9:30am – 12:00pm

Bookings on Weekends & Hong Kong Public Holidays

Telephone: 2335 3887 or 2335 3888
Fax: 2719 4102

TELEPHONE or FAX reservations for Weekends and Public Holidays can be made through the Booking Office only after the following times:

After 9:30am on Monday to book for the following Saturday morning.
After 2:30pm on Monday to book for the following Saturday afternoon.

After 9:30am on Tuesday to book for the following Sunday morning.
After 2:30pm on Tuesday to book for the following Sunday afternoon.

Bookings on Weekdays

Telephone: 2335 3885 or 2335 3888
Fax: 2719 4102

Bookings may be made 7 days in advance by TELEPHONE or FAX.


・The playing privilege is reserved to reciprocal members only. NO reciprocal members shall be permitted to bring their own guests.
.Introduction letter must be faxed or emailed to Golf Booking Office at when confirming the golf booking.

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